Call for Papers

Tiny Transactions on Computer Science seeks papers describing significant research contributions to the field of computer science. Tiny ToCS is the premier venue for computer science research of 140 characters or less.


Why Tiny ToCS?

Tiny ToCS is a forum for high-quality scholarly discourse that challenges researchers to engage with their work in new capacities. Not only does the restricted format require a concise distillation of scholarly results, but the short format will be more accessible to the Computer Science community at large. In fact, to ensure broad applicability, submissions will be reviewed by one area expert and at least two computer scientists outside of the submission's designated research area. Tiny ToCS favors accessible, carefully crafted, creative research.

We invite submissions on a wide range of computer science research, including, but not limited to:


Tiny TOCS is a highly selective venue where full papers typically report novel results and ideas. Submissions can be up to 140 characters in length, with an abstract of no more than 250 words and a title of no more than 118 characters.

The primary content of submissions should fit into 140 characters. The abstract is not intended to expound upon your finding but instead to provide context for your work. What is the background for your research? Concisely, how does this work improve on related research? Submissions which violate this requirement will be rejected without consideration.

You may use three references in your submission. References will count as one word when used in the abstract section and three letters in the body section ("[1]").

Your submission may not contain any non-text figures or special formatting. Plain-text only. ASCII art okay.

Reviewing will be double-blind.

For inspiration, we have provided a sample submission.

Submitting Papers and Logistics

Please validate your submission before submitting.

If possible, please format your submission(s) using the Tiny ToCS LaTeX class file. We've provided a sample skeleton file for you. At the least, please submit in PDF format (required by our conference software). And remember, leave names and affiliations off of your PDF.

Upload your submission here.

Important Dates for Volume 1:

Publication Details

The proceedings of Tiny ToCS Volume 1 will be posted to the arXiv under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Authors will retain all future publishing rights.

Tiny ToCS Volume 1 Organizers

Program co-chairs: Program Committee: Local arrangements:
Contact: tiny-tocs-pc at googlegroups dot com

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